Essential Oils

If you’ve been reading my blog you will know that I am on a mission to eliminate as many harmful chemicals and unhealthy foods and products as possible from my home.  I am learning to garden to provide the healthiest, most nutritious food for our table and buying as much organic and GMO free as I can.  I have also been slowly replacing chemical filled cleaning and other household products.

In researching recipes to try, I have found a lot of great blogs to follow, written by like minded folks.  One thing I noticed that kept popping up again and again was essential oils.  I was intrigued.  I wasn’t one to jump on board the bandwagon just because, but I was also not one to ignore so many perfectly sane 🙂 people constantly celebrating all the wonderful ways these oils were helping them not only remove harmful chemical filled products from their home but also support their bodies in wellness.  What did this do to me?  It kicked me into crazy science nerd research mode.

First I wanted to learn as much as I could about the use of essential oils.  What are they?  How are they used?  Are they safe?  I had a million questions.  Once I had some answers and convinced there was something to all of these stories, I wanted to test drive some myself.  That led me to another research project because I wanted to find a company with the best possible product.  I also knew I wanted a support network of essential oil users that was generous in sharing what was working for their families and who would be helpful answering questions that I might have along the way.

I am so glad I decided to follow my gut and give Young Living Essential Oils a try.  My diffuser is my best friend.  As a person who is extremely sensitive to fragrances, but loves a yummy smelling house, it is so wonderful to plug the diffuser in with a natural oil and let it do its thing.  I am finding recipes and instructions every day to replace health and beauty products and household cleaners.  I will be sharing those I really love with you here on the blog, as well as any other uses I find helpful.

If you have any questions at all about Young Living Essential Oils or would like to receive a sample, I hope you will feel free to contact me here or send me an email directly to [email protected]   If you would like to give them a try and are ready to place an order or sign up as a member please click here.  (Make sure “wholesale” is selected to purchase a highly discounted starter kit like the one below and to receive discounts on all future orders).