How I got my husband to look at me like I’m nuts…today


My Super Awesome Husband looks at me like I’m nuts several times a week.  Okay, okay.  If I’m being completely honest, it’s probably more like several times a day with a few good eye rolls behind my back thrown in for good measure.  What raises him to Super Awesomeness is that he is totally supportive (despite the eye rolls) and such a good sport through my crazy ideas, even if most of them often lead to crazy amounts of physical labor on his part.

I’ll admit, there are times I think of something to mention or do, just to make him shake his head and roll his eyes.  It’s fun.  Ha Ha!  Today I made him look at me like I’m nuts by making felted wool dryer balls.  “You’re making what?” asks Super Awesome Husband.  “Dryer balls”  I tell him.  “And what are dryer balls?”  he asks with that look on his face that I love.  😀  Ah, life is good!

So today’s project is part of my mission this year to remove chemical filled products from my home.  Luckily for the Super Awesome Husband it requires 0 labor on his part.  🙂  Dryer sheets are full of chemicals and cost money.  Dryer balls are super simple to make, help your clothes dry faster, reduce static and make your clothes less wrinkly and smell nice without all of the chemicals.  All you need to make them is some 100% wool yarn that states hand wash and lay flat to dry on the label.  If you use machine washable yarn it won’t felt, and you need it to felt.  You also need one leg of pantyhose and a blunt needle to sew in your end.

Take your yarn and wrap it into a ball the size of a tennis ball.  Take your blunt ended needle and sew in the end really, really well.  If it’s not done well enough, your ball will unwind and you’ll end up with a felted mess.  If you are really creative or good at forgetting what you can and can not do well,  you can stitch a pretty design on your ball.  I mentioned this to my daughter and she, of course, thought it would be a great idea to have a flower on the one she made.  Let’s just say, every time I sew I remember why I don’t sew.  Next time something might involve sewing, my mom will be called.  Don’t go making fun of my flower!  I mean it!


Are you done laughing yet?  I totally should have let my daughter do it herself.  🙂

Load all of your balls in to one leg of a pair of pantyhose that you cut off, and tie a knot in between each one.  Try to keep your male children away from them.  It’s an irresistible, fierce, ninja weapon at this point.


Throw your balls into the washer and wash on hot with as much agitation as your washer offers.  Dry them on high as well.  If you don’t use super dark colors for your dryer balls and have super light colored towels or sheets you can save water and electricity by washing and drying them with your sheets and/or towels.  You will need to do this 2-3 times to get the balls nicely felted.


Now to use them you just toss 4-6 balls (depending upon how big of a load you washed) into your dryer with your wet laundry and dry.  The wool will absorb some of the water and help you laundry dry faster.  It will also keep the humidity high while releasing it, which will help with wrinkles.  Dryer balls keep the static down and, it you add a drop of your favorite essential oil to each ball, will freshen your laundry and make it smell fantastic!


I have fallen in love with Young Living Essential Oils, so if you’ve been wanting to try some as well, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to send you information and a sample!  You can use the contact page of the blog or email directly to [email protected]

I want to send a virtual high five to anyone who has made it through this post without giggling at all of the sentences with “your balls” in them.  You are a much better, more mature person than I, and I commend you!!  To those who have been giggling like a middle schooler, you get a high five too, because, well, we all have our issues.  😉

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  1. Jessica | The 104 Homestead

    The first time I made these, I was reading the instructions out loud to myself as I worked. My daughter was reading in the corner sort of half-listening to me mumble to myself. I read the line “Be sure to secure your balls firmly in your pantyhose to prevent your balls bouncing around too much.” I seriously thought she was going to die from laughter. She did fall right out of her chair. Being me, it took a few seconds for me to realize what was so darn funny.

    1. Walking Softly Upon the Earth (Post author)

      That’s so funny! It would have been a riot to watch. 🙂 I tried really hard not to be too bad. 🙂 I kept editing and editing and finally gave up though on eliminating any possible giggle triggering lines.

  2. Terri Dye

    I love this idea…and I think your flower is fabulous! 🙂

    1. Walking Softly Upon the Earth (Post author)

      You win best blog reader of the month! 😀 Ha ha! Thanks Terri!

  3. Graig Trilt

    Good information. Lucky me I found your website by accident (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!

  4. Ruth Hall

    What a fab idea – still chuckling & my 6 year old thinks I’m a bit mad as she didnt get the funny at all 🙂

    1. Walking Softly Upon the Earth (Post author)

      My 10 year old loves to read all of my posts and when she read this one she looked at me and said “I don’t get it.” 😀 That’s a good thing.

  5. Andrea

    I am going to try making these this weekend. I swore that I’d not buy any more dryer sheets after this box ran out, and, well…I’m down to the last few sheets and facing a mountain of laundry. Thanks for this great post!

    1. Walking Softly Upon the Earth (Post author)

      Thank YOU!!! So far they are working great for me. I am very sensitive to strong fragrances, so I LOVE the clothes coming out of the dryer without the dryer sheet perfume. 🙂

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  7. Christine

    Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow!!!! Love this idea!! Thank you for the simple instructions

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