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Winter is feeling soooo long this year for some reason.  I’m looking forward to my first planted seeds sprouting inside, so maybe seeing that green will push away some of that winter funk.  I shouldn’t really complain.  I do love winter, especially when it snows.  We have our first real snow of the season on the ground right now and it is so pretty out there.  Maybe that’s why it’s dragging though, since up until this week we’ve had the cold, the dreariness and the short days with none of the gorgeous snow to look at and play in.

Anyhoo, I braved the -10 degrees temperature (with the windchill factored in) for about 15 minutes today so that I could try to get some shots of the beautiful assortment of birds we had enjoying our feeder.  I was pretty surprised that my camera even worked as cold as it was.  Brrrr!  I’m going to try again tomorrow to see if I can catch a few more.  My hands and nose started hurting so I figured I needed to get in.

We have been super excited the past couple of days to see Bluebirds in our yard.  We’ve never seen them around our house before.

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Cute little balls of amoxicillin for dogs

I could have taken pictures of them all day if I hadn’t started to freeze.IMG_1894

Mama Cardinal would have preferred to not have had an audience.  She just wanted me to go away so she could eat.IMG_1898

The perfect little model.

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The bird feeder was in the shade at this point, so forgive the crazy bright shot, but I had to share the big woodpecker.  We’ve had lots of little ones, so we love seeing this big one some times.order amoxil

Mr. Cardinal.  purchase amoxil online

You can almost feel how cold it was looking at him, can’t you?purchase amoxil buy cheap amoxil online

“Are you STILL taking pictures of me lady??  Enough already!”cheap amoxil buy cheap amoxil

Doesn’t this one remind you of a little penguin?  I have no clue what kind of bird it is.  Anyone know?buy generic amoxil online buy amoxil online australia

Stay warm everyone!!  It’s almost time for gardening posts!  Yipee!!!  🙂


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